The team

Prof. Johann Tomforde

Managing Partner TEAMOBILITY GmbH

Core Competencies: Disruptive mobility strategies, transportation system solutions and management process for innovations

  • Owner of Competence & Design Center for Mobility Innovations since 2009
  • previous Managing Director of Hymer idc – Innovations- & Design Center until 2009
  • first MCC/smart Managing Director of development and production until 1998
  • Head of strategic projects Mercedes Benz and smart / Vice president Strategy & Corporate Design until 1994
  • 30 years teaching assignments in Industrial & Transportation Design at the University of Pforzheim
  • Advisory board, juror and appraiser in companies, associates and institutions

Personal motivation and goals: ,,Communicate experience and know-how from over 45 years in all mobility sectors to younger generations and provide disruptive impulses for future-oriented business areas”


In over 40 years of responsible R & D work for all mobility and transport sectors, numerous outstanding innovations have been created. Here are just three of them, representing the creative diversity and systemic foresight:

  • the Smart Story – from first concept studies in 1969 as a student to building the new city car brand, responsible for development and production in the 90’s.
  • Mobility systems solutions – from the first networked traffic systems in the early 1990’s, to mobility boxes and carsharing models from 1995, to connected mobility solutions as cross-industry, sustainable energy efficient system solutions from 2010 onwards.
  • AUTOPLES – automated parking and charging of electric vehicle systems – from the initial concept study in 2010, to the management of the BMBF funding project from 2012 to the life presentation of a complete autonomous driving, parking and self-charging electric vehicle at the end of 2015, along with the corresponding business model development.

Jürgen Kiehne

Core Competences:  Building and developing companies / Developing vehicles and vehicle systems / Creating transport and mobility system solutions

  • Develop vehicles and vehicle systems / Market launch / Project management
  • Develop disruptive transport and mobility systems for metropolitan areas / Market launch
  • Build and develop business / restructure companies
  • Implement development processes
  • Private equity Companies advisor – Identify technology development and trends

Personal motivation and goals: ,, Shaping the future of mobility’’


  • Passenger car companies / brands / organization building and developing / Promotion of young talents
  • Commercial vehicles / coaches – development of fuel cell and hybrid city bus
  • Develop urban transport systems including business models
  • Passenger cars & Commercial cars / Coaches – Develop and implement new EE&D architecture
  • Automotive service provider – Customers in the regions NAFTA, Europe, Asia – Market introduction: Vehicle testing, certification , homologations – Develop product / company strategies for manufacturer / suppliers – Design and implement development processes – Develop EE&D architectures and support implementation

at and with …

Mercedes-Benz | smart | Daimler Buses & Coaches | Mbtech | IBM | D-TEC | JK EMCS …

Career history:

  • Automotive Industry /Development – Passenger cars and commercial vehicles (> 25 Jahre)
  • Service provider in different industries – for e.g.  vehicle development & testing, production technology and consulting  (> 6 Jahre)
  • Management positions:  International experience Europe, USA and China
  • CEO & board member of companies in the automotive industry
  • Interim management at suppliers


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) | Electrical Engineering / Telecommunication FH Hannover, Germany

Rolf Lübke

Core competences:  Creation of fleet management and networked / intermodal mobility concepts, with particular emphasis on sustainable and environmental aspects.

  • CEO of large fleet management and mobility companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Owner of Lüscho Lübke KG
  • Optimization and control of vehicle fleets by considering economic efficiency. Creation of make or buy concepts for the vehicle fleet
  • Advisory board, juror and appraiser in companies, associations and institutions.

Personal motivation and goals:  ,,Creating mobility solutions in harmony with traffic and environment”

Thomas Gross

Core competences:  Company development, leadership and law

  • Managing Director / CEO within family-owned groups of companies in the automotive / consumer goods industry
  • Owner of the FUTURUM business consultancy
  • Many years of operational experience in overall corporate realignment processes, profitable brand management and start-up, development of production and distribution systems
  • M&A, law and investment management, succession planning

 Personal motivation and goals: ,,secure the future”

Veit Fritzenschaft 

Core competences: Digitalization and IT Management

  • International experience in Italy, USA, Japan and China as Managing Director / CEO as well as in various executive positions in the automotive IT industry.
  • Specific experience in strategy development, general management and organizational development, restructuring and change management.
  • Consulting (strategy, planning, implementation) in the digitalization of business processes.  Optimization / redesign of processes, selection or development /adaptation of suitable software or applications. Application management and application operation. Telecommunication and IT security.
  • Owner of FRITZENSCHAFT Consulting

Personal motivation and goals: ,,Information technology and digitalization as drivers of ultra-low emission mobility’’.

Project examples:

  • Digitalization of dispatch control and vehicle delivery at the Mercedes car assembly plant Sindelfingen. Optimization of the corresponding processes. Planning, development and implementation of the necessary process-specific software and networking with subordinate factory control systems, or centrally superordinate disposition systems.
  • Digitalization of the technical and commercial processes at the Mercedes car assembly plant Rastatt. Development and optimization of corresponding processes. Planning, development and introduction of the necessary process-specific software and networking with the subordinate factory control systems or the centrally superordinate disposition systems.
  • Optimization of digitized system landscapes at Daimler Truck Assembly Plant Wörth and Daimler Bus Assembly Plant Mannheim including the optimization of the corresponding IT operation.
  • Optimization and adaptation of framework contracts for IT services of T-Systems for Daimler / DaimlerChrysler AG. Adaptation of business services to current IT innovations such as: Digitization, decentralization, construction and operation of central / decentralized server farms including the optimization of the central mainframe operation.
  • Restructuring of the IT landscape, optimization of IT operations, Digitalization of non-IT-based business processes at various customers of T-Systems Italia S.p.A. (including Banca Intesa, Banca Populare di Sondrio, Roma Aeroporto, FIAT Turin, Generali, ..)
  • Restructuring and sale of the T-Systems business unit in Italy. Optimization / streamlining of the Business Unit’s business model, negotiations with potential buyers and the T-Systems parent company, negotiations with the Italian social partners. Design and implementation of the corresponding contracts and works agreements.

Dr. Davor Gospodaric

Core competences: Electric vehicle engineering and consulting

  • International and multicultural experiences in Europe / Eastern Europe, USA, Asia / China. CEO and CTO in the automotive industry (OEM, Tier-x, Engineering Companies, SME), engineering, development, project management: vehicles, e-mobility, infrastructure and sustainable energy. 
  • consulting for vehicles with combustion engines, hybrid cars, electric vehicle engineering and development, concepts for e-mobility, strategy, implementation and management.
  • Automotive experience in all vehicle classes, commercial vehicles, construction vehicles, formula 1, rail vehicles, marine and aviation industry.

Personal motivation and goals:  ,, Creating sustainable efficient eco-systems consisting of vehicles, energy networks and infrastructure”.

Wilfried Gross

Core competences: Production process planning in the automotive, supplier and mechanical engineering industries, factory structure and factory planning

  • Executive functions in the automotive and consulting industry: planning and implementation of Brown/Greenfield projects, product launches, process optimization, supply chain optimization and supplier management.
  • International experience: Successful overseas projects in Azerbaijan, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, India, Italy, Japan Poland, Portugal, USA, Turkey.
  • Management and consulting in the planning and realization of process-oriented and strategic future-oriented optimal factory structures, factory and production systems, hands-on start-up management at the supplier.

Personal motivation and goals: „Contributing to the design of future mobility through the development of modern and optimal production processes“

Nicolai Banse

Core competences: Conceptual vehicle design, user centered design, market and customer research, project management

  • Product developer and project manager at TEAMOBILITY GmbH. Design concepts for vehicles, mobility systems, connected services and disruptive services
  • Project manager (product strategy, design and innovation) for building special-purpose vehicles
  • Masters thesis at Ziegler GmbH. Subject “Integration of innovation management in the product development of mid-sized traditional companies – illustrated by the development of fire engine set-ups”
  • Bachelors thesis at Firma Ziegler GmbH. Subject “Conception and configuration of a fire engine cockpit”.
  • Product development (M.SC.) & industrial design (B.A. studies at the university in Pforzheim

Personal motivation and goals: „ Coonjointly push future mobility solutions with focal points on more customer value, safety and sustainability“.

Lavril Wang

Core Competencies:

Marketing and intercultural communication for the chinese market

Personal Motivation and Targets: „Promotion of a deeper understanding of the chinese communication style and the chinese business conduct for a better evaluation of behaviour patterns and reactions“.