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Californien meets Baden-Württemberg
Prof. Johann Tomforde is a keynote speaker at the EVENT on January, 27th 2022
“Emerging ZEV Industries:  Innovation and the Go To Market”

Prof. Tomforde:
……..When we talk about „Next generation Leisure Mobility“, we need to understand what are the social and political challenges we have that are affecting mobility in general
–   The Paris Agreement on the Climate Action Plan 2050,
–   the degree target, has set ambitious goals for the transport sector in particular.
–   cyber attacks, data breaches and “dieselgate”, a lack of trust in companies and industries 
–   Increasing awareness for climate protection & sustainability as well as
–   Air Pollution/fine dust discussion changes consumer behavior
–   Increasing requirements with respect to resources & eco-balance of prodcuts
–   the ever increasing gap between rich and poor
–   the Digital transformation leading to changes and disruption of business models